Why do we experience Wild Fish Scarcity In The Market ?

On planet earth every living things have breeding season and in fact there is time for everything on green land, both natality and mortality. In traditional fishing, most believed wild fish scarcity is a punishment from God due to wrong conducts by men. 
There are some factors determining the availability and scarcity of wild fishes across the fishosphere as well as other aquatic lives. Above all factors Migration will be discussed. 

Zonal Migration 
Please note that zone is mentioned above not place, fishes will always move from one place to another because they are not stationed at one place like trees and rocks. When fishes move from one place to another they will still return to their zone or home. FISHES DON’T LEAVE THEIR ZONE 
Why do fishes migrate from one zone to another? 

To understand why fishes migrate from one zone to another, you have to remember that animals including mankind migrate as well. Below are factors that determines migration of Fishes in the wild. 
Instinct : Some fishes naturally migrate in groups at a certain period of the year. 

Food : Fishes migrate to zones where they will see food to sustain their living. 
Threat : Predation is also enough reason to flee off a zone when powerful enemies are around. Frequent activities of men like fishermen are too rugged to chase them off their zone. 

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