Don’t Because Someone Do

If you want to do fish farming because someone else is doing it and earning a lot from it, that’s a wrong decision. You should do fish farming because you want to do it as a business to contribute to your economy. These facts should be considered :

If 100 people are buying from Eddie and you join the business you shouldn’t expect 100 as well. Maybe 50 from Eddie will come to you, so don’t let your expectations injure you. Though Eddie income may reduce, but you will not be able to win all his customers.

Man2Man Interview

Doing online research is good because it will contribute to your project but most online articles are outdated.

What you should do is to consult an expert and a prosperous active fish farmer.

Don’t Invest much on Books

There are many Ebooks online and some other books in bookshops featuring fish farming. The books will help your project but cannot answer other questions you may want to ask.

Buying too many books may be confusing because some of the publishers may only do copy and paste jobs. Some copy and paste materials may not be relevant anymore, so if you treasure the idea it will affect your business.

Don’t Underestimate Service Price

For example, when you compare Pond construction from two sources, one of 100k and the other 200k. What will determine your choice is :

What are the materials to be used?

What are the quality and quantity of the materials to be used?

An engineer may give you cheaper price and drag you into the project, then later begin to ask for more money. Afterwards, am sorry I made quotation mistake I forgot to add some items.

Avoid Proposed Income on Expenditures

If you are the owner of the business and you want it to survive don’t plan to spend your proposed salary income on expenditures. Fish Feeds, power supply, medications are what you must provide till you finish a session —you must have these already. Do not budget your salary as a pillar of financial support.

Untimely Expenditures

While you start the business some unexpected expenses must appear before you such which you can’t escape, don’t worry about that. If you don’t want that to happen to you — don’t do fish farming.

Lack of Marketing Idea

My dear friend it will be hard for a person without marketing sensitivity to survive in buying and selling. Do your own marketing research. These tips will help :

Send someone or yourself to individual fish farmers that you want to become a reseller with them,then compare their prices.

Go to the Market and price both fresh and dry proposed fish products.

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