Africa Aronawa Fish Swarms in Naija Rivers

The communities across Nigeria riverine geo-zones has been increasingly catching more numbers of African Aronawa Fish (Heterotis Niloticus). This Fish swarm
Currently in Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, some parts of Edo rivers according to reports.

This fish is a freshwater habitat and is well known as an herbivorous species. If you want to buy this fish, go to the nearest fish market to you and buy either the smoked or fresh type to feel the taste.

Pictures of Africa Aronawa Fish ( Heterotis Niloticus)
Adeyemi Oluwatobi Photography

The breeding season usually falls in August—September annually. The adult can weigh up to 15-20kg. They become mature after rain exit.

If you want to enjoy this fish, buy the fresh and cook a delicious soup then dish it.



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