Contents and Media Policy grant each user the due potential to upload contents be it text, pictures, articles, artworks, videos, media and other graphics to our database. also deserve the right to edit with notice or delete with or without notice any content violating Internet policy or fundamental human rights.

Any user must not upload any material (text, graphics, media etc ) that violate copyright act. If a user should use a copyright material he/she must do so with consent.

Paid Contents 

At times pay users for contents to be uploaded as part of the project, we do so with the interest of promoting sustainable fishing economy across. Some users may also sponsor a campaign and get applicant(s) paid, it depends on the agreement between parties. No paid agreement between users should be violated especially after payment. If there is a valid presentation of report regarding interaction or transaction between a user and third party, we deserve the right to suspend the user or remove him/her.

In case pay for a content or media it will not be deleted even if the user delete his user profile. We retain contents like Paid Articles  otherwise the payment being made should be reversed.

Content Database is a project, so we determine which file should be hosted on website.

We may prompt or tell users to upload a media to our social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google plus and other platforms.
Sensitive Materials

Sensitive material is a data that contain information about someone or something that may expose it’s privacy. It may also arouse controversial issues among the community or may tarnish our image. Examples are

  • Copyright infringement
  • Sharing video/picture of a person/thing without consent
  • Promoting a race ahead of others
  • Abusing someone or something
  • Sharing content that promote extreme activities (self-esteem, self injury etc)
  • Contents promoting child abuse e.g child labor

Updated on 14/10/2018

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