It is all about Fish this and that, but why should there be differences?
Fish farming involves raising fishes with several techniques, while fishing involves catching fishes from the wild. 

Aquaculture has contributed to Nigeria’s protein availability, am specifically talking about fish farming. Although there are several data rendering from different sources on the percentage of fishes produced by Fish farming. 

Simple Facts 

  • Nigeria Fish Farmers harvest majorly on Catfish and Tilapia, only two fishes out of millions. 
  • Before A farmed session mature to Table Size, fishermen must have catch tonnes from the wild.
  • Most Animal feeds contain wild fishes not farmed fishes
  • Even Fish feeds contain wild fishes nutrient to enhance the protein efficiency
  • Crayfish could have not become a lucrative business for most people now
  • Tackle dealers might have no idea on how and what to invest upon. 
  • Fish availability in the market may increase potential fish theft 

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