What are FishCoins ? “FishCoins are user reward bonus points being given out to our users when they participate in our activities around the Web.”

How can I get Fishcoins? 

Register, you will be awarded Nf500 for creating an account.

How do I Boost My FishCoins ?

  • First of all, Watch a Video and see how it works.
  • Post in the Communities (Communities Appear on Your Profile Dashboard after you login)
  • Sign Up for Deals and Offers (Profile Dashboard)
  • Participate in Contests
  • Join our Campaigns ( #ICanFish #MyRiverShow and More)
  • Sign up for Rich Article Posting
  • Subscribe For Newsletter
  • Create Groups
  • Refer and Win

How Valuable Are FishCoins ? 

  • User’s FishCoins indicate the user’s role on platform
  • The more a user increases his/her FishCoins the more the person’s role will be promoted
  • There are some deals and offers that will strictly apply to some users within a certain FishCoins range
  • There are some contents that require FishCoins, if you are left with none you will be unable to access them.
  • You can become a FishCoins Ultimate when you Join the Leaders Board
  • You Spend FishCoins on like Money and instead of Money
  • You Can spend your FishCoins on Ads placement on instead of Money

Are FishCoins Transferable? 

Yes, No. You can only Transfer FishCoins if you are qualified to do so. You will receive a message in your inbox if you are eligible to transfer FishCoins to other users.


Fishcoins and Medals have different user-generated actions that determine the reward. Medals are far valuable than FishCoins, you can unlock medals by partaking in our community programmes and more.
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