There are several fishing vocabularies around the world, only few exist in dictionaries while most are used across the fishosphere. Don’t lose your scrabble points for your opponent because the world has changed.


A condition of anger when a fisherman ended a fishing trip without achieving his goal. Example : My last Trip was a Fishingry, only five pieces


This is anything pertaining to fishing, fishery and aquaculture. Example : Catfish is a common name across the fishosphere


A person who invest properly on wild fish and prosper with it. Example : Mr Jack is a well known Fishinpreneuer.



An person who invest properly on aquaculture. This person may have employees working under him/her. Example : For 25 years Mrs Hillet was an Aquapreneuer in Lagos.


A system of exhausting fish strength to reduce it’s defensive power and make it feel tired for a purpose. Example : Mr Larry Fatigish technique is superb as he captured the shark easily.


This is a situation where two or more fishes fight each other in an aquarium. Example : I separated the fishes on aquawar basis.


Words that are often used across the fishosphere, it may not exist in common dictionaries but may be in use among some communities.

If you play scrabble, confuse your opponent with these Fishinbularies above.

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