How Effective are modern fishing rods in Nigeria when compared to traditional and local fishing techniques?

The largest community of Fishermen in Nigeria are commercial, while only a few people go fishing as leisure.

Their dependence on fishing is maximal, that is why they like catching fishes from the wild in larger quantities.

Because of the high quantities of fish demand in the market, most commercial fishermen will not care for size and maturity of wild fishes to hunt.

My Survey

When I introduced modern fishing rods (rod, reel, line and artificial lures) to some local fishermen in Ondo state coast, they have ideas of how effective they can be. But they don’t trust how they can compete with local fishing methods that has been fetching them fishes in quantities per session.

To accomplish the result of this research, I gave out some of these products for testing. They will be tested on both Fresh water and Brackish water, both rainy season and dry season.

I myself will take part in the research activities, collect feedbacks and integrate tinns tinns.

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I Am Still Working On The Project

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