There are different factors determining preservation of crayfish, the factors are fresh or dry and how durable it should be. 

Why should Crayfish be preserved? 

It should be preserved like other foods to retain it’s nutritional value and avoid energy loss or break out. 

How to preserve fresh Crayfish 

  • Fresh Crayfish should be refrigerated or frozen  as long as it is fresh
  • It May be boiled only if it shouldn’t exceed 24hours to avoid energy loss to heat
  • Fresh Crayfish may be fried with vegetable oil, if well fried may last for days 
  • Salting is not always encouraged because of the effect of salt in the body 

Dried Crayfish 

Dried crayfish are ones which the body water has been drained off either by sundrying or smoking. Because of the nature and the aroma, even if dried should still need to be preserved to avoid spoilage. 

Sundried Crayfish also known as White dried Crayfish are more nutritious than Smoked because of the amount of heat that passed through it. But they are less durable than smoked crayfish. 
How To Preserve Dried Crayfish

  • Clean the environment, if possible with insecticide(Avoid contact with the stocked crayfish) then allow air to flow in
  • If you want to preserve it for a long period of time, it is advisable to heat it in a container or pot by stirring it while heating it. You should not leave for a second because it will burn. Do not bag them while they are still warm, allow them to cool down before you bag them. 
  • Store in a cool dry place where there is ventilation
  • Avoid Moisture inside the storage atmosphere
  • It is better to use woven bags for ventilation than nylon bags, white better than black because of heat 
  • If stocking up in bags, use flat wooden planks as store base. The planks should be about 3inches above  the ground and at least One inch space intervals. 
  • Try your best to avoid pests like rodents, flies and more. If possible use economic repellant bulbs or other systems. 
  • You may Sundry them, but keep your eyes on them because animals including birds may feed on them. 


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