MJO Video— Come Here If You Like Periwinkle, Fishing And Crabs

In my journey around the coastline I met a community yesterday where natural resources were abundant. Although I visited several communities but I interact more with the people in this community. I know you want to know the community and how it looks like, you probably want to see the periwinkles the fishes, bridges, waters, people and more. But unfortunately it rained all through and our Camera isn’t waterproof.

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Enu-Ama community in Ilaje Local Government area in Ondo State is a very neat and beautiful island I ever see. The environment was good looking, the people have hygienic culture, they are friendly, hardworking and beautiful. Me and my colleagues played friendly football with them, I felt their strength, they won us 7 goals to 6, they look like France.

In this community, there are fishes, shrimps or crayfish, periwinkles, crabs and more. If you want to visit the community please click on the link below to see the map.

Trip to Enu Ama Community

  • Click on Trip to Enu-Ama Community Above
  • Change Your Route if are not from Lagos
  • From the Motor park, find a bus to Enu-Ama Community
  • See More Than I Saw

Other Stories from the Web : This below Monster Fish was killed by Enu-Ama Residents in 2016

Whale Killed by Enu-Ama Fishermen in Ondo State

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