We care about our fishing economy, we want it grow but hardly we realise we our wildlife are under pressure. I have a great passion for a developing fishing economy, just let me mention Aquaculture as a general term to describe my concern. China account to be in the fifth position in world Aquacultural economy, let me tell you about Nigeria.

For about a decade now, Nigeria aquacultural economy is growing so there are many foreign investors pulling in, including Chinese and other countries. This post will only tell you our wildlife are reducing due to the pressure exerted on them. The rate of dependency on fishes from the wild has been increasing but the improvement of the wild fishes has not been monitored for the future.

The two consumers facing our wildfishes are Agriculture (some branches like Animal Husbandry) and Aquaculture, these two giants can intensively contribute to an economy, but most of the productions depend on wildfishes for raising them. I had several years of experience in fishing economy, I studied some aquacultural economy, I fear in my country  overfishing is not a sin to most fishermen.

Below is a chain of pressures exerted on our wildfishes

WildfishesAnimal FeedsAnimal (Consumer )

WildfishesFish FeedsFish (Consumer )

In the above chain, before the consumer reach an adult it must have consumed several pounds of wildfishes.

My view : “If there is no way to control our wildfishes, very soon we will run out of fishes.” 

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