There are two common unfavourable signs of rainy season exit. We experienced rainy season in different ways, either to our economic advantage or disadvantage it is a free gift of nature. 

We Should prepare for the two climatic changes, we prepare for natural activities so as to avoid unnecessary loss. 
Scorching Sun

Although we aren’t on the equator but we also experience timely scorching-sun, especially when rainy season is about to quit. In many states across Nigeria, although rainfall is frequent even there were flooding cases, but it will also shine ahot across. 

There are few ways to survive this unfavourable atmosphere to stay healthy. The following factors may help 

  • Carry Umbrella
  • Face cap protect your face from burning 
  • Sunshade protect your vision from harmful radiation (outdoor) 
  • Wear Long Sleeves to protect your skin (outdoor)
  • Avoid Dark clothing because they conserve heat
  • Your body may need water, so don’t think you need a sugary beverage (Some people may decide to take cold sugary beverage or energy drink whenever they feel exhausted). If you always feel like taking the above mentioned beverages, your blood sugar level may increase.
  • Do not always stay outdoor

Lightning And Thunderstorm

In many regions it is very common to experience lightning and thunderstorm before and during rain exit. The two common natural factors of possible outcome of Lightning and Thunderstorm are

  1. Frequent Scorching Sunshine
  2. Dark Atmosphere
  3. Earth Rapture (The wind that carry dust into the sky) 

Dangers to avoid and how to prevent loss to lightning 

  • Do not hold metals
  • Don’t stand nor hold earthened poles
  • Do not hold your umbrella rod, it is better to hold the wooden or plastic handle
  • Off your umbrella and find a safer place to hide (Lightnings can strike trees or any upright structure, so no one can predict it’s strike)
  • Do not go out for fishing

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