Surf Fishing — An Overview of Fishing Economy

Surf fishing is an activity of catching fish standing on the shoreline or wading in the surf. Surf fishing may or may not include casting a lure or bait, and refers to all types of shore fishing – from sandy and rocky beaches, rock jetties, casting nets, hooks lining, or even fishing piers.

Surfcasting or beachcasting may refer more specifically to surf fishing from the beach by casting into the surf at or near the shoreline. With few exceptions, surf fishing is done in saltwater.

Dangers and Risks of Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is done in rough whitewater surf conditions. Powerful waves and strong undertows can cause serious injury or death if proper attention is not paid to safety.

Fishing areas should be scouted in low tide conditions to note sudden drop offs or dangerous conditions hidden at high tides. Fisherman with waders should wear a wader belt to keep waders from filling with water in the event one falls in the surf. The aforementioned cleats should be worn anywhere there are slippery rocks or shells underfoot.

Lures and hooks feature razor sharp points, care must be taken not to hook oneself or others when casting, especially when performing two-handed full power casts that require a substantial safety zone behind the surfcaster. To avoid accidentally hooking oneself or someone else, it is a good idea to carry a quality cutting pliers capable of cutting the hooks you are fishing with.

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