Taiwo Olowole

Project Manager
E-mail: info@naijafishing.com
Brief info

Taiwo Olowole is the project manager of NaijaFishing.com. A fishing enthusiast having grown up in the coastal area of the Niger Delta.

Mr Taiwo Olowole is a passionate fishing enthusiast who grew up in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria . His fist fishing project was Afrizone Fishing in 2015 in which he targeted Africa as a whole to promote fishing as a lifestyle and a recreational activity.

I don’t want to be famous nor be respected but I want to remain anonymous as much as I can.

Fishery and Aquaculture has always been my favorite interest, that is why I love blogging it.

I will share my photos and videos with you on this page.

I work hard on this project, my hash tag is #ICanfish. I moderate the time I spend on the project and pay for some other stuffs to sustain it.

Thinking Taiwo is getting rich from his fishing blog? No, am not getting rich from it because that’s not my goal.

Taiwo hold Crab


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