Some Volunteers and marine veterinarians from Department of Marine and Coastal Resources attempted to rescue a sick male pilot whale in the coastal area of Southern Thailand near the Malaysian border on May 28, 2018.

Some 80 pieces of plastic materials weighing 17 pounds were found in the stomach of a whale that died in Thailand after efforts to save it.

The whale spit out five plastic bags on Friday and later died, the Marine and Coastal Resources Department said on its website.

An autopsy found another 80 bags and other plastic items weighing more than 17 pounds (8 kg) in the whale’s stomach.

The incident has been causing a lot of panicking thought around the globe. It shows that our water bodies are seemingly not safe home for the wild.

Our water bodies need enough of monitoring and control. If a huge fish can be killed in such way, we should care about them and we too.

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