What Are the Disadvantages of Aquaculture

Aquaculture is great and good but there are the disadvantages of it. Aquaculture if well planned, financed and managed can be found profitable.
Fish farmers lament whenever they loose their investment on it, many decided to stop it but at the end of the day, they found themselves to be addicted. They asked themselves “why did I even invest again, but I told myself that I will stop it”. They keep searching for “fingerlings” and more . There is nothing with good effect without side effect.

Disadvantages of Aquaculture 

  • Disease : Keeping fish in close proximity increases the chances of disease
  • Environmental Effects : Fish farms can have harmful effect on the local environment due to discharge of pond water to the neighbourhood
  • Fish Theft : Some fish farms suffer from fish-theft, either from employees or or external stealings
  • Capital Factor : Aquaculture require a lot of capital, this has set a distance between investors and the business
  • Untimely Loss : This is caused by several factors like application of new techniques, new fish feeds, high competition among fish farmers, abundance of wild fish in the market. Facilities or equipments used by the farmer may get spoilt at the same period of time and require new purchases.

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