What is Fishing Business? Q&A

What is fishing business? What a big question at this time of the day ! Generally fishing is an activity which involves catching fishes from the wild, dead or alive using different techniques.

Advanced countries promote aquaculture ahead of wild fishing unlike underdeveloped countries. There are different fishing cultures around the world, different species, different tactics and different methods of governance.

Fish Production

Below are different branches of fish production :

  • Catching fishes from the wild
  • Hatchery
  • Raising Fishes to Table Size (fishery)
  • Preservation
  • Fish stocking
  • Reproduction
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Fish Feed Production
  • Fishing/Fishery Facilitation

What is Fishing Business? 

“Fishing Business is an investment on any branch of fish production, processing, services and marketing”   

The definition of fishing business is broad due to the concept behind it. A person who invest on fishing tackles and sell to others also invest indirectly on fishing business. In this case we may say that there are Direct Fishing Business  or Indirect Fishing Business. 

Direct Fishing Business 

These are examples of Direct Fishing Business :

  1. Catching fishes from the wild
  2. Hatchery
  3. Raising Fishes to Table Size
  4. Buying Fresh or Smoked Fishes for resseling

Indirect Fishing Business 

These are examples of Indirect Fishing Business

  1. Selling Fishing Equipments
  2. Rendering Fishery/Fishing Services
  3. Managing a Fishing Blog



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