What is Illegal Fishing?


Illegal Fishing may be defined as a “violation of generally acceptable fishing criteria and principles based on production, processing and marketing“. There are generally acceptable fishing conditions or laws on universal basis, like catching mature adult fishes from the wild. Also, humanity does not permit using insecticides, pesticides and other destructive chemical discharge on water bodies to catch neither large nor small quantity of fishes.

Illegal fishing acts differs from one location to another below are the factors that may cause the difference.

  • Difference in Fish Species
  • Climatic Factors
  • Industrial Conduct
  • Domestic Activities
  • Differences in Fishing Techniques
  • Individual Location Age Limits
  • Community Tolerance

In the United States and Europe, fishing activities are strictly under monitor by authorities. In advance countries you must obtain a licence, register for a particular fish species, you must have specific location(s) which you must operate.

In this post am not listing illegal fish acts but am only discussing the scope and economic effects.

Difference in Fish Species
There are different types of Tilapia fish with different adult sizes. For example, Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) adults can reach up to 60 cm (24 in) in length and up to 4.3 kg (9.5 lb). Some other adult tilapia species in West Africa are 4-5 inches in length.

Climatic Factors
In some regions, no one must fish under some atmospheric conditions considered deadly. Some conditions such as stormy and lightning, so fishermen are advised to consider weather conditions, through weather forecast technologies.

Industrial Conduct
Fishing Industries around the world are also bound by anti illegal-fishing regulations. The varieties of accessories and equipments produced, must adhere to the conditions supporting the economy. In some regions, the authorities concerned restrict some products finally or within a reasonable period of time.

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Domestic Activities
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Difference in Fishing Techniques
There are different fishing techniques around the world, this is caused by water type and structure, fish size and feeding mode. Because of the equipments used, some equipments used in a specific location may not be suitable for another location due to the above mentioned factors.

Individual Location Age Limits
Different locations, different heights, in some places around the world adult age range from 16, 18, 20 above respectively.

Community Tolerance
This is the most sensitive aspect of human culture. It is based on humanity, religious view, scientific view, cultural view, civilization and more. In some regions, no fisherman must sell any fish on shore it must be at the base or off. Most of these cultures are to restrict overfishing, selfishness and competitive attitudes among people.

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