What The Real Aquaculture May Mean

The Real Aquacultural Economy
What is aquaculture ? Aquaculture  also known as aquafarming, is the farming of fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic plants, algae, and other organisms.

The core meaning of aquaculture is broad, there are no fully detailed meaning to it and if there is any it could change over time due to technological advancement.
Let’s discuss about the two type of waters we have on the planet, { (1) FRESH WATER and (2) SALT WATER } these two water have different qualities and with different living creatures that can survive in them.

The most farmed fishes are fresh water fishes, why, because the water is most accessible to individuals not living in coastlines. In Nigeria, fresh water fishes are the mostly farmed species, they can be raised at backyard. Salt water fishes are mostly fetched by fishermen, they are recently facing the so called Global-Threat due to the pressure being exerted on them as the primary source of effective protein for farmed fishes. This has resorted to overfishing of premature fishes by local fishermen.
In Nigeria, We are growing when it comes to fish farming but what about protecting the wild fish. A boy consumed the whole food that has been reserved for him for two days in a day, what will he eat in the next day. If we finish the quality of our wildlife, we will have nothing left for the next generation to come.
So many people say that ‘we can never finish the wild fishes because they breed several thousands‘ . There is something they don’t realize, for example, an adult catfish weighing 4kg must have consumed more than the double of of it’s weight.

The pharmaceutical industries will really benefit from a good aquaculture economy, because there are so many dietary supplements that can be derived from aquatic products.

My view of a standard Aquaculture System

  • There should not be dependence on neither wild nor farmed fishes
  • There must be governmental control on the quality of wild fishes being catched
  • They must be governmental aiding to promotion of sustainable fishing economy (by assisting fishing investors and projects)
  • There must be exportation of aquatic products


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