As mentioned on my twitter page,”There will be scarcity of wild fish products during July in Nigeria”. Wild fishing is determined by several factors like, the weather, water temperature, direction of the wind, storm force, water shallow or depth and lots more. All these mentioned factors have different effects on the fishes beneath, they also have effects on fishermen going out for the trip.
Let me tell you few things about fishes and aquatic creatures you probably don’t know. Fishes migrate from one place to another to make sure they have a good living. I have to make sure my my writeup is brief and clear.

The most abundant or available fishes in the wild are from salt water or the sea. This marks it the biggest jungle for the biggest catch. The sea has more fishes than fresh water, it has no trees, no related buildings, all you could see in the sea are waters, sky, and if possible nearby boats. So there are no structure to reduce the speed of wind on the sea, as a result of that the wind will move faster on the waters and begin to push them forward towards it’s direction. The harder the wind moves the more it force the water bodies forward and can lift the wave higher than a couple of storey building.
If the wind becomes violent it may easily emulsify the efforts of the sailors to save the boat, destroy both the boat and if the condition becomes critical the people in the boat may lose their lives. The deadliest aspect of it is that, if the storm break their boat or sink it, if they have nothing to hold — late rescue — no phone calls, things may fall apart.
There are rumours that few people died recently in the sea during fishing trip due to heavy storm damage on the sea. My conclusion is that with many other factors unmentioned above, due to temporary storm on the sea and the over-depth of the waters being caused by continuous rainfall, available wild fishes may become not or less affordable for consumption.

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    I pray o
    Mr Taiwo God don produce Bonga Fish Now

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