If you search for fishing destinations in Nigeria on every search engines you know, sorry please try again because you will only see stories.

I work on #ICanfish project to promote and integrate all aspects of fishing. Aquaculture is growing globally and as well as Nigeria, but what about wild fishing. There are much more to do to evaluate the importance and the phenomenon.

Searching for fishing destinations in Nigeria may be hectic on search engines. I think about adding some to Maps so that people can find it in their search.

There are some factors that determine whether a location is a fishing destination. If the location have more than one river or the river accommodate commercial Fishermen not few.

How To Add A fishing Destination Yourself

  1. Turn On Your Device Location
  2. Open Google Maps
  3. Click on Your Location
  4. Add A New Place
  5. Take The River Photograph
  6. Complete The Setup
  7. Publish

“I Will Be Adding Fishing Destinations in Nigeria to The Benefit of Public Interest as part of the #ICanfish project” — Olowole Taiwo L

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