Why So Many Request for Crayfish Business in Nigeria

Crayfish Business is a very good and life sustainable business. It is a well known source of protein and another food seasoning producer’s major ingredient.

The movement of crayfish across Nigeria worth being analysed. The demand data since 2018 worth special attention.

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There are More than 10,000 views on Crayfish articles on this blog. The data is a revelation of how important crayfish Business is.

How much do I need to start a Crayfish business?

1 MILLION NAIRA ( 1,000,000)

What Are the requirements for a successful Crayfish Business?

You Need a CrayfishBP Worksheet

What is CrayfishBP?

Crayfish Business Plan Worksheet also known as CrayfishBP is a table of tasks in rows and columns with checkbox spaces on each side of task making a totals of 100%.

Download it Here >> DOWNLOAD

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