One of the most used hurricane Lamp in Nigeria is the kerosene (paraffin) powered lantern. It helps generate heat in the winter and keep the house warm. 

In decades ago, I remember whenever I catch extreme cold I will sit on a stool, place a lantern in between my legs and cover up using a blanket with my head outside for oxygen. Within minutes the heat will warm my blood and as far as my bones, that was how I got warm. 

After my session, another person may use the technique to heat up. 

Although not common in urban areas but it is well suited to the coastlines especially those communities where people catch fish. 

As winter approaches in Nigeria, people have Grandma And GrandPa at home should try to keep them warm to remain healthy. 

In the case of poor and highly inflammable kerosene in circulation many people neglected their kerosene lamp and use modern lights. 


Bring out your old lantern from the shelf even if abandoned for long and light it up, keep your room warm and wake up healthy and strong. 

Taiwo got this abandoned lantern from parent

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